LDM Ministries

Some of the ministries we offer are categorized as listed below:

  • Administrative Ministries
    These ministries provide overall direction and oversight to the LDM ministry purpose and annual ministry plan.   Plan, coordinate and evaluate all ministry programs and activities included in the annual ministry plan of the church.  Provide oversight and development for all financial, personnel, property, legal and general administrative matters of LDM.
  • Adult Ministries
    These ministries assure ongoing, effective adult programs, ministering to the specific needs of adults and their families and developing outreach opportunities.
  • Evangelism & Instruction Ministries
    The purpose of these ministries is evangelism, that is, to evangelize our community, state, country, and world through evangelism means which proclaims the Word of God and calls people everywhere to respond to Jesus Christ through faith.
  • Worship & Arts Ministries
    These ministries strive to accomplish the ministry purpose of worship, that is, to exalt the name of Jesus Christ through individual and corporate worship means.
  • Helps Ministries
    These ministries serve to assist the ministry to accomplish its purpose through practical aid and support.  These supportive functions help the Pastor carry out the overall vision of his ministry, especially the ministry of the Word of God to the people.
  • Youth Ministries
    These ministries serve to extend ministry helps to parents and to accomplish the ministry purpose by equipping our youth to become the future spiritual leaders of our homes, Church, government and marketplace.
  • Children's Ministries
    These ministries' seek to make the Word of God alive at the level of a child's understanding, while creating an atmosphere that is fun, entertaining and conducive to learning.

  • Video on Demand
  • Photo Gallery

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