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Evangelism & Instruction Ministries

Sunday School Department
The role of the Sunday School Department is to build lives through teaching and instilling biblical truths. Sunday School is held every Sunday at 9:15 a.m.

Marquee Ministry
The role of the Marquee Ministry is to encourage and motivate Christians through short inscriptions display.

Media Ministry
Our Media Ministry captures the teaching of the Pastor/Co-Pastor on cassette, CD, DVD, and video for reproduction and public sale. 

Prayer Warriors
Prayer Warriors release the power of prayer within the church for the purpose of world evangelism.

Shepherding Ministry
The role of the Shepherding Ministry is to help watch out for the spiritual well-being of the church.  They watch for anyone or anything that could divide or get believers off-track.  As examples to the other believers, they are also responsible to ensure that evangelism thrives.

Website Ministry
The Website Ministry is responsible for developing and maintaining the church's website.

New Member's Class
This ministry is designed to provide orientation to new members.  They provide instruction on what that church believes, requirements of membership, biblical principles to be incorporated into their daily lives and ministries available for them to serve in.
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